Argaan Factory Process to make Argan Oil

Argaan Factory Process to make Argan Oil is fairly simple, yet thorough with each step to ensure the quality and purity of each argan oil batch.

It all start with the Dried Fruit Arrival. They are weighed and properly stored. The Argan Fruit is pulped mechanically, then stored & cleaned. Then Argan nuts are extracted from their shell for Manual Crushing to get to the Argan Almonds that are weighed. They are then separated into 2 parts:

-the Argan Almonds destined to Pressing to make the Primary Argan Oil, which will go through a Decanting process, and then a Filtering Process to obtain the incredible Argan Oil Cosmetic grade everyone marvels about.

-the Argan Almonds destined to Roasting which will also go through a Pressing phase, a Decanting phase & a Filtering phase to obtain the Edible Argan Oil quality.

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